Comgrow T500 Large Format Klipper 3D Printer with Linear Rails 500*500*500mm
Comgrow T500 Large Format Klipper 3D Printer with Linear Rails 500*500*500mm Buy Now
3D Printer
7'' Touch
Klipper Screen
Build Volume
200 mm/s max
printing speed
Printing Larger With Consistency
Unleash your imagination with an extensive printing area of 500*500*500mm,
enabling you to bring grand-scale projects to life with exceptional finesse.
Bring Out The Speed
Direct extruder highlighted with 6.5:1 gear ratio secure up to 25mm^3/s extrusion rate, resulting in 200mm/s max printing speed. Brutal motors realize 8000mm/s^2 acceleration on both the x&y axes.
Operate Klipper on 7" Touch Screen
Built-in Klipper saves you from redundant configuration and additional hardware requirements. Cut the hassle, just the fun.
Effortless Leveling
Empowering you with a 49-point auto-leveling function, bid farewell to manual leveling woes. Achieve impeccable 49-point leveling precision for flawless first-layer printing.
All-Metal Hotend with Hardened Nozzle
Elevate your prints with our 300°C All-Metal Hotend & Nozzle.The hardened steel nozzle enhances wear-resistance, enabling printing of mixed carbon fiber or more abrasive and exotic filaments.
High-Precision Stepper Movement &
Smooth Extrusion
The T500 incorporates a high-precision stepper motor system and a smooth extrusion mechanism with a gear ratio of 6.5:1, ensuring precise material flow and excellent control.
Efficient Cooling
Equipped with three 3010 fans for effective material extrusion cooling.
Controllable LED Lighting
The hotend is equipped with LED lights for monitoring prints even in low-light conditions.
WiFi Connectivity
Control the printer remotely using WiFi transmission for seamless operation.
Manual Z-Axis Adjustment
Easily adjust Z-axis height with the convenient top-mounted dial.
Sturdy Construction
The Z-axis support bracket ensures machine stability during printing.
Dual Z and Y Axes
Dual motors for Z and Y axes guarantee stable and precise printing.
High-Power Motors
Utilizes high-power motors for enhanced performance.
Internal Linear Rails on XYZ Axis for Enhanced Stability
The linear guides reduce friction and play, resulting in smoother movements of the print head. This translates to improve layer alignment, reduced layer shifting, and overall superior print quality
Intelligent Slicing Software
The T500 comes with intelligent slicing software, streamlining model slicing and preparation processes, making it user-friendly even for beginners.
Assembly in 15 minutes
With 95% pre-assembly, the printer significantly reduces assembly complexity, allowing you to quickly experience the joy of 3D printing.





Think Big, Print Bigger
Discover the Power of Oversized 3D Models!
Materials Meet Imagination
Explore a World of Possibilities with T500's Diverse Printing Abilities!
39 kilograms/85 pounds
Build volume:
Regular Printing Speed:
200 mm/s
Guide Rail:
X+Y+Z linear rails
7 Inch IPS touchscreen, 60Hz refresh
Supporting Materials:
PLA/PETG/ Carbon Fiber/ TPU
Z-axis Motor:
Y-axis Motor:
Default Firmware:
300℃, full metal hotend
Hardened steel nozzle (0.4+0.6+0.8)
500W, 80℃
Gear Ratio:
Bed Leveling:
49-point Auto leveling
Extruder Type:
Dual gear direct extruder
Part Cooling Fan:
600W Meanwell
LED light:
on hotend
File Transfer Method:
USB 2.0*4 + USB 3.0*1 + Type C (on touch screen)
Spool Holder:
up to 3KG (6.6lbs) spool
Machine Dimension:
817*810*962 (including screen and spool holder)
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